Get to know me

My name is Jessica Kate Grunner, I am currently 21 years old. I am left handed with brown hair and blue eyes. I am from Cheshire, in the United Kingdom. Virgo.

I am almost a qualified Dental Nurse. I am 92% of the way through my training, so in roughly 6-8 weeks I am hoping to be qualified and pursuing registration with the General Dental Council.

When I was 18 I underwent double jaw surgery (Orthognathic surgery) for an underbite (lower jaw too far forward on my skull and growing towards the left side). I had braces for 3 years and I am so absolutely happy to have achieved all this and be on the other side now. I hated myself before this operation, my self esteem was rock bottom, I could barely look people in the face when I spoke to people. Now I am full of life and just so damn happy. Best thing I have ever done!

I have one brother who is 19, hes 2.5 years younger than me! He’s an Aries and I’m a Virgo – they say these two signs aren’t very compatible but luckily my Brother and I get on just fine the majority of the time!

I’m potentially going to attend university still at this point in my life, hopefully to study Dental Hygiene and Therapy, as I have high hopes of creating a long lasting dental career, especially after everything I’ve been through with my jaw, that is where my passion stems from!

After having the operation, its allowed me to experiment with fashion and beauty a whole lot, before my operation I barely bothered, felt I wasn’t worthy enough and quite frankly just didn’t see the point. Now I love make up, fashion and love embracing different styles – one day gothic, the next day girly etc.

Ive wanted to start up a blog for such a while, I did have one back when I was about 14 when I was going through a rough patch with dieting and exercise, I was obsessive and it got quite unhealthy. I’ve managed to over come all this by myself with no professional help, despite my mum tricking me into going to the doctors once and despite still having weird feelings towards food to this day. Again, my operation has played a big part in being the healthier, happier version of myself.

I want this blog to be all about beauty, fashion, diet advice and basically being a healthier, adventurous, spontaneous new me, now that I feel I have the freedom to express myself I want to know all there is to know about fashion and beauty and now I’m in my twenties, really throw myself out there and be courageous!

I hope to learn a lot from this blog and all of the people who come across it!

I love people and want to celebrate all individuals and their ideas and perceptions of beauty.

Jessica Grunner / x