A Heavenly Discovery!!

I’ve been absent from my blog for a few days now, I was in such a rhythm and then life happens!

Well anyway, during the Easter break, I received an email from The Body Shop promoting their latest product – a range of 5 new facials!

As soon as I read the email, I decided to go and pay The Body Shop a visit and investigate these new products, as I just love a good facial and I am quite fond of the body shop, so thought why not!

I purchased 2 and got a free mask brush with it, which is basically just a brush that you paint the mask on with – awesome.

I bought the British Rose and Chinese Ginseng and Rice mask.

The British Rose mask plumps and hydrates the face, soothes and moisturises, and gives a dewy glow.

The Chinese Ginseng and Rice mask polishes and exfoliates the face and helps with uneven skin tone and dullness of the face.

They are both incredible and smell amazing.

Also, they are 100% VEGAN.

I absolutely recommend these products, I am obsessed with them.

I have 3 more to add to my collection and I can’t wait to try them.

Jessica Grunner / x

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