The Regulars…

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Alright, so, at the moment I’m reading a book called The Regulars. I don’t know if any of you guys have read this? But its really good, and so far I’m enjoying it!

Its basically about 3 girls in New York, mid-late twenties who are trying to build a great career, maintain a social life, and manage day-to-day life, just like the rest of us. Then they stumble upon this ‘potion’ that a girl called Penny gives to them, and it makes you ‘pretty’, so they take the potion and the effects last for a week. After taking it they see incredible changes in their lives… people treat them differently, in a good way (so far) because they are ‘beautiful’, and their careers excel and everything just seems improved for them!

And it got me thinking… I can relate to wanting to feel ‘pretty’, and improve my looks. And its crazy how looks are what we base each other on. It determines whether we approach a certain person, what attitude we have with somebody, we determine whether we like a person before even knowing them based off of looks. Its really vain and superficial of us as human beings but its just the way we are programmed.

I always, always try and maintain an open-minded and non-judgemental approach to everything. Its of great importance to me that I do that. Because I’ve been there – the one being judged, especially on my looks. It hurts and isn’t fair, cause I am a good person, I do my best every day, I’m a hard worker, just looking to make an impact in this world. So why is it fair that people get judged based on their appearance? Its not.

However, it is blatantly obvious in the world we live in today, that those perceived as ‘better looking’ will seemingly get the better opportunities, or the better approach than those of us deemed ‘not as good looking’.

Personally, I believe nobody is ‘ugly’. That’s my personal belief. I cannot just band that word about and dish it out here, there and whenever I feel like. It feels unnatural, rude and harsh.

Everybody has a personal beauty about them. Everybody has a spark. Some people realise this and therefore choose to emphasise it. Some people simply do not realise the shine the bring to people, or themselves. They don’t see their beauty, and therefore don’t take care of themselves and I don’t just mean, physically whats on the outside, but internally as well – diet, lifestyle, mental approach.

Self-esteem is so important in this day and age, and we should all be lifting each others confidence and instilling self belief in each other.

Jessica Grunner / x

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