Social Media = Loneliness

Recently, I deleted Facebook from my phone and deactived my account before that.

I just needed a breather and a refresh.

I decided to reactive it last night just purely out of curiosity and to be truthful, I was feeling a tad lonely from not being constantly connected to people.

So anyway, logged on this morning and saw this. And it broke my soul.

I’ve been feeling a little lonely lately and I’ve been feeling a little sad but these children are as young as six! It’s awful.

I was reading the comments on this Sky News post, and there were quite a few comments stating that the potential cause of their loneliness is because the art of conversation is dead, because children now are unable, afraid, don’t know how or don’t have the confidence to form conversation and speak to people over the phone or in person because everybody nowadays has a phone in their hand or are on their computers and iPads.

Social Media has a lot to answer for. The reason why depression seems to be so rife, why people are feeling lonely, eating disorders are probably on the increase amongst other things is no doubt all down to social media.

Girls/Women/Models/Actresses/Musicians, all on social media looking super glamourous, picture perfect, camera ready, make up in place, hair on point, nails on fleek, it all stacks up in the mind of a young female, including myself. I know these women are entitled and have the right to feel empowered by their beauty and to look their best and show it off but I think the constants of it and the way photoshop is so widely used, just creates a false sense of security for women, and even men.

You’re made to feel that you are supposed to look a certain way, behave a certain way, be a certain person to achieve fame, fortune and popularity. Men are supposed to be ripped and muscular with a tan and trimmed stubble. And women are supposed to be bikini ready with impeccable long legs, perfect posture, flawless skin and a tiny body.

It’s just obscene. It’s brainwashing, especially to young people who are actually trying to attain what social media are saying to us is the accepted versions of society.

Bullying is on the increase through and because of social media. If you don’t look like a celeb then you’re a target for bullying. If you’re different then you meet the criteria to be bullied.

Revenge porn. Nude photos. People’s self esteem is being crusified because of social media and how social media plays a massive part in today’s society and how it’s used as a platform to destroy other individuals who don’t meet the standards that it delivers. False standards.

It’s all scripted. People only show their best sides on social media. I don’t post photos of myself as soon as I wake up, no. I wait until I’m made up with my best clothes on.

But young people are super sensitive to social media and what is displayed on it and it just makes me sad that children are feeling the pressures of social media younger and younger.

I know the article doesn’t specifically say that children’s loneliness is down to social media but I think it’s got to be obvious that it’s one of the big reasons why.

I hope things change, I am always trying to do my best to help those around me because as a society we need real, honest and open people because there are those of us within society who are vulnerable and they simply just need taking care of.

Jessica Grunner / x

6 thoughts on “Social Media = Loneliness”

    1. I agree. I mean it’s easy to judge but if I had a child, I wouldn’t be allowing them to play on phones, iPads or computers. The effects of social media on teenagers/adults is enough, why introduce children to that world of pain, cause that’s all it can be sometimes, painful!

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      1. I understand, and I would do the same. However, it’s how society is built. Parents give their children these things because other parents do… it’s a social construct! They just don’t want their child being left out.

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      2. True… I can understand that and again, if it were my child I wouldn’t want them left out either. It’s a hard balance I suppose. Just wish things could be simpler and more like they were say, in the 90s!

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