Workplace Relationships…

I’m voicing my opinion on work place relationships.

Now before I set the tone for my opinion, I want to just say that my current relationship stemmed from the work place. The work place is where we met. It was my part time job, his full time job. We were working together for 10 months before he eventually left for a better opportunity whilst I stayed and continued my studies along side it.

I will say, the work place that we met in, was small, there were 5 members of staff including the two of us, so looking at it now, I think that is probably the reason why we didn’t really run into any hiccups like some work place relationships do now.

So anyway, there’s my back ground on a work place relationship. Here’s my opinion after watching the final episode of So Cosmo:

I think if you can avoid a work place relationship – do it.

If you’ve worked hard for your career and its your number one priority and its your baby, don’t sacrifice it, don’t risk it, don’t even go there. Especially if you’re female.

Females work so hard to provide for themselves as an independent, strong, focused and determined woman, that to ruin it all and become entangled in a messy situation that really you should never be in when it comes to your career, is ridiculous.

You need to be firm. You need to have boundaries. Things need to be clear-cut. No grey area in this case.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 21. I’m no expert and I know I have a lot to learn ahead of me.

But right now, this is my opinion and seeing the female co-worker on So Cosmo, crying and vulnerable and frankly, in a mess, over a work place relationship, it just seemed silly to me. She wants to put her career first, she loves her job. So don’t get in a mess about it and ultimately potentially ruin it.

Saying that, if you really love the person and know for absolute sure, they are who you want to be with – be clear cut. Tell them, set boundaries for when you are both at work, make it absolutely apparent, when you are in the work place, that there is nothing between you and keep everything strictly professional.

Your career ultimately is your life. Its what you’ve envisioned from a young age.

So I think strength in the work place is a necessity.

Jessica Grunner / x



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