Personality Inspo…

So basically, a fellow blogger commented on one of my previous blog posts and so I decided to check out their blog.

They had great posts on there and I found one in-particular which was about personality testing and which type of personality you may have.

This blogger had a link in their post, which takes you to a website so you can find out your own personality type.

I LOVE stuff like this, I find it so fascinating and highly entertaining, so I took the test and I am the ‘Commander’ personality type (ENTJ -A/-T) . Which I have to say, once I’d read the paragraph explaining all to me about this kind of personality – I related!

I am an analyst, dominant, leader, I use thought over feeling and basically could make a good lawyer. Which is interesting to me, as I wanted to become a Lawyer, I just had an overwhelming passion for Dentistry and so hence why I didn’t pursue my interest with Law, even though to this day, Law still intrigues me.

The website for this fabulous personality test is:

Jessica Grunner / x


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