So recently I’ve been thinking a lot about losing weight, I don’t want to lose a tonne of weight, just 1 stone and then I want to be able to tone. I just need some really good tips to be able to sustain weight loss and see results really quickly.

I’m in a really bad habit of thinking the key to weight loss is reduction in how much food I consume a day. Less isn’t more in this case, really. Its unhealthy. Previously I acted upon this theory I created in my mind and became quite unhealthy, however I overcame that.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost 3 years now and I realise compared to the first year of dating, I’ve put on weight. I want to feel how I did when I met him when I was 18. I want to be able to put on my cotton shorts and feel sassy and slender like I used to.

So I’m going to see how I go. I’m feeling a bit lost with the whole weight loss thing and kind of living by the only route to weight loss I know.

But I’d LOVE to speak to people about this and their issues, worries, successes etc.

Jessica Grunner / x


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