My Aussie Dream…

When I was 18, in November 2013, my family and I went to Australia for a month, for the first time!

We stopped off in Dubai – which was amazing! And then landed in Brisbane.

Australia to me, is incredible! Its my spirit country. I feel connected in that country for some reason, I feel at peace.

I love the sunshine, the way you can wander out in your flip-flops, shorts and a cute top, get yourself a nice tan and how you muuuuust keep up with pedicures because obviously you’re going to be wearing toe baring shoes alllll the time!

Its just awesome. I feel like aussies are the best people to have a laugh with as well. Their humour is just awesome. Everything is so light weight with them.

I landed in Brisbane, then went on to stay with family on the Gold Coast – incredible! I never in my life thought I’d be able to say – I’ve stayed on the Gold Coast! … Just beautiful!

I went to some beaches, the shopping centres… all sorts!

I recall Labrador Beach, which was gorgeous, so inspiring. I went to Helensvale, Robina, White Water World and Dream World. I also was extremely lucky to be able to visit the Steve Irwin Zoo.

We wanted to conquer as much as we could while we were there.

I then went to Sydney, we stayed there for 3/4 days, I think. I stayed in the Mantra on Kent apartment building/hotel. I went to Bondi Beach which was mesmerising. We also wanted to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge but didn’t in the end. …And the city is what I live for!!!! I loooove hustle and bustle, and the general vibe the city gives. Its awesome! I love it! Sydney is where I am absolutely desperate to go back to. I love Australia as a whole but Sydney left with me with some serious envy and awesome memories.

Also on my trip, we visited Cairns. The weather is so good there, its really great. We visited the Great Barrier Reef, I did some snorkelling with my brother and wow, what an experience. I can’t believe I can sit here and write about how I went snorkelling with my brother on the frickin’ Great Barrier Reef! The boat ride was amazing – which reminds me, we also did a boat ride in Sydney! We rode under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House, but we did manage to actually go to the Opera House and take in the sights there etc, so that was epic!

Also in Cairns, we did a sky rail trip, and generally just took in the sights and the people around us. It was magnificent. I totally appreciate that whole trip to Australia and will never, ever forget it. I want to re live it. Even at the airport – the excitement and the thrill and the unknown of what will Australia be like? All so exciting.

I LOVE travel.

Its my total dream to be able to visit Australia again.

Once I got back from Australia with my family, I opened a savings account and planned when I turned 20 to go back on a Working Holiday Visa and actually spend my 20th birthday there.

But 7 months after returning from Australia I met my current boyfriend and also started training to become a Dental Nurse. So that has halted my future in Australia at the moment.

I used to want to live there permanently really, really badly. I still do in some ways.

But for now, I definitely want to go back again, even if its just for a month again like before. As, since I’m older now I will take it in much better, appreciate it even more than I did the first time and know exactly what I want to do and see and be able to take amazing pictures with a proper camera, as before I was just using my phone!

Lifes too short. Thats what I want to do.

Before getting a house, getting a fancy car (my car is 14 years old and I absolutely love it), before settling down properly, and before any of that life long commitment stuff!

I fell in love with Australia and I want to experience that life and culture at least one more time, I feel I have to, to feel complete.

And if I end up saying I want to spend a year out there, or live there forever, so be it.

But I have to get back out there for another holiday at least.

Its just disappointing because nobody around me feels the same vibe as I do, they aren’t as optimistic and they aren’t as positive about it. Nobody shares the same drive and enthusiasm and it would suck to go alone, but its my dream and my life and if I have to, I have to.

I’m definitely so excited to go back, so I’m continuing to save and my aim is to go before I’m 25!

Jessica Grunner / x


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