I Recommend a Clear Out…

Last week, I finaaaaaaaaally got around to clearing out my bedroom.

And believe me, it, NEEDED it!

I’m a Virgo, so most Virgo’s are neat, tidy, almost obsessive-compulsive. But it does say on the sign’s traits, that there is that occasional ‘sloppy’ Virgo – well that’s me.

I’m messy, disorganised, last minute.

So my room would definitely benefit from a major clear out. Which it got last week.

I had 7/8 bin bags full of absolute junk to throw out, from out of date products to spare bits of paper work I no longer needed, clothes, shoes, all sorts.

And now, I feel amazing. My room is all polished, it feels lighter and fresher and cosy!

I feel relaxed.

And its gotta be so much more beneficial for my health living in this kind of environment as opposed to what I was used to!

Spring cleaning!

Jessica Grunner / x


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