Feeling Emotional…

What a day.

Right now, just feeling a little bit sad. A little bit lonely. A little bit lost.

Not in a big major way.

We all have those moods and moments where we feel sad and lonely, that’s normal. Sometimes we can even feel sad for no reason.

At the moment, I’m waiting to start my new job at a Dental Practice. So I think the waiting around for that is taking its toll a little bit. I’m also a little bit down over the whole weight loss situation which I previously blogged about.

In general just feeling a bit lonely right now. I feel like I don’t have any solid, bare-faced, upfront, honest, genuine friends either.

My boyfriend is busy with family at the moment – which is fine. He spends all his time with me, so that’s cool. It just adds to the feeling of loneliness tonight that’s all.

Recently watched ’13 Reasons Why’ on Netflix too. I started it on Friday night and finished it on Sunday night. Its truly amazing, truly inspiration and mind opening.

Its really sad too, of course. It really sucks. I want to stop every bad thing that happens in the world, I wanted to go on a rampage after I had finished watching the show, because I just wanted to stand up for everybody in suffering, or who had previously suffered, and stop all hatred and abuse. I wish I could make everything right but this is the sad, sad world we live in. We can’t.

However, the show has taught all of us that have watched it that, we as individuals, can change the way we are towards others and how our behaviour affects and influences others. Its empowering and has made me see the light.

Although I’ve always regarded myself as very open minded and non-judgemental, its enabled me to really think closely as to how I word things and to think before I speak and to really assess how somebody might be feeling before I delve in with any negativity or criticism.

But yeah, anybody who hasn’t seen it yet, PLEASE watch it.

I said to my boyfriend, if I was a teacher I would be DEMANDING all of the other teachers in my school to play the show in their classrooms and assemblies, as its SO important that the message that the show is trying to convey, gets out!

…I feel a little bit better now that I’ve actually wrote out my feelings, you know.

Tomorrow is a new day, positive mindset always.

Jessica Grunner / x


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