So here I am, this is my first blog post. This blog to me, is basically just an insight for me on the beauty world and a platform to engage with others who love beauty just like I do. I want to explore lots of products, lots of fashions, tips and tricks and be in the know.

I want to be in touch with lots of different individuals also, on what beauty means to them and how they perceive themselves as beautiful and how their beauty regimes go. I find beauty, weight, diet and fashion all so interesting but I’ve never been bold about it. I’ve never had the courage or confidence and like a lot of girls, I’ve had and still have insecurities which hinder my progression into the world of beauty.

I’m someone who is constantly trying to maintain myself and improve myself, I want to know what products are in, what products are out, what products benefit what part of my body and how certain products are used. I love it all.

For example, I recently came across a beautifying oil from the Body Shop and I love it. You can use it on your hair, face and body and it basically just moisturises and illuminates your skin. I feel like a super star when I put it on, so at the moment, that is my go-to favourite product of the moment. But I love introducing more and more new products into my life that I can use often and feel the benefits from.

So all in all to round off, this blog is just to explore beauty that bit more, to gain a fuller understanding and to experiment and improve my inner and outer self. I want to chat with people from all over, gain different insights on beauty and learn what beauty means for all of us.

If anybody cares to know that little bit more about myself, check out my ‘About’ page.

Jessica Grunner / x


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