Health Nut UK?

I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians earlier and I notice that they tend to eat a lot from Health Nut in LA. I've been saying to my friends and family for ages how I'd love a healthy and organic take out/restaurant in the U.K. as I feel there is a massive gap in… Continue reading Health Nut UK?


Oh my days people!!!! Kim Kardashian has joined up with Kylie Jenner to release her own collection of Kylie Lip Kits! The Nude Collection! I'm tooooo excited, 25th April is the date they are on sale. I've never purchased from Kylie Cosmetics before, but now knowing that Kim is doing a collab, I am absolutely… Continue reading KKW

Social Media = Loneliness

Recently, I deleted Facebook from my phone and deactived my account before that. I just needed a breather and a refresh. I decided to reactive it last night just purely out of curiosity and to be truthful, I was feeling a tad lonely from not being constantly connected to people. So anyway, logged on this… Continue reading Social Media = Loneliness

The Regulars…

Alright, so, at the moment I'm reading a book called The Regulars. I don't know if any of you guys have read this? But its really good, and so far I'm enjoying it! Its basically about 3 girls in New York, mid-late twenties who are trying to build a great career, maintain a social life,… Continue reading The Regulars…